Пен Дор

We are a successful medium sized company with about 100 employees.

Since 1993 PAIN D’OR s.a. has been producing a rich assortment of bakery products – long shelf life packed croissants, fresh bread, frozen par-baked bread products.

For more than a quarter of a century we have been meeting the requirements of the customers and delivering products, manufactured by using innovation technologies, with high quality and at affordable prices.

Усърдната работа, постоянството в качеството и разширяването на асортимента позволиха на фирмата ни да се развие и увеличи пазарния си дял през годините.

Пен Дор

PAIN D’OR is well known for its assortment of delicious and aromatic products, high quality, constant hygiene control and ecologically clean production process.

The company priorities are:

  • Constant high quality of the products;
  • Ingredients from approved and secure suppliers;
  • Automatic production processes;
  • Affordable prices.


The quality policy of PAIN D’OR is to meet the requirements of the clients through constant improvement and control of the production processes and to guarantee them quality, safe, tasty and healthy products by means of:

  • A high quality level ensured by a HACCP, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 22000:2005 and IFS Quality Certification Systems;
  • Selection of the finest and freshest ingredients
  • Well-trained specialists;
  • Flexible and high production capacity operations;
  • Modern industrial technologies, respecting the criteria of maximum hygiene and safety.

Since 2009 PAIN D’OR has been certified according to the highest requirements of IFS (International Food Standard);

PAIN D’OR is the first bakery that has been certified by SGS according the Quality Management Standard ISO 9001:2000 – since September 2001;

In 2005 the company implemented the Hazard Analyses and Critical Control Point system, HACCP and in 2007 – the Food Safety Management System ISO 22000;

PAIN D’OR is awarded with the Bulgarian Award of Superior Quality Silver Lion;

The company has a certificate for Halal products.

PAIN D’OR is a member and supports the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce, the Bulgarian Industrial Chamber, the American Chamber of Commerce and the Private Bakers Federation.
A member of BBLF (Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum).
Participant in United Nations Global Compact Initiative


The quality policy of PAIN D’OR is to meet the requirements of customers by constantly improving the production processes and their control, as well as to guarantee quality, safe, tasty and healthy products all the time.

Our products can be found on the market under the following brands:


PAIN D’OR supplies croissants, fresh and frozen products to hundreds of stores around the country*. We collaborate with many of the big distribution companies, as well as supermarket chains in Bulgaria.
PAIN D’OR werves the HORECA sector, too, with growing success by offering a diverse assortment of bakery products.

PAIN D’OR exports its products to more than 20 countries on four continents.

*If some of our products are not available in your region, please let us know, so that we contact our local distributors.


We often receive inquiries to develop and produce various, brand-specific products that meet the specific customer requirements. Our production lines allow us to be flexible and adaptable to these needs and to respond quickly, efficiently and competitively.

We also offer our products in personalized packaging under private label with minimum order requirements.